Our company was looking to purchase a mud recycling system with my recommendations. As you know, by recommending a certain product to your employer you are somewhat accountable. I’m a hero!

I can’t say enough good things about our new Tulsa Rig Iron recycler. It saves us money on bentonite, time lost for going to get water, and fuel and down time in constantly mixing new mud with the old system. THANKS TULSA RIG IRON!!!

Martin Robinson
Drilling Manager- Harmac Drilling


I am a repeat customer of Tulsa Rig Iron, and currently own three MCS-1000 systems. I am convinced they offer the best built mud systems on the market today. I have always been able to get their parts quickly, and their service is outstanding.

Gary Davidson
President- Drilltech, Inc.


The HPP-150 is a perfect application for infield gathering systems and small transmission lines. The design allows our operators to reduce labor costs by eliminating rig up/rig down time from traditional fill spreads. The 100’ umbilical cable allows our crew to maintain a safe distance from the pipeline while monitoring pressure reading from inside the test cabin. Overall the pumps have been very reliable, safe to operate, and easy to maintain. Tulsa Rig Iron has been a great company to work with, and highly recommend them for any equipment needs.

Justin Peter
CEO- JP Hydro, LLC


We own a Tulsa Rig Iron MCS-750 mud cleaning system. It is the finest mud system we have ever used. It is well built, easy to work on, and very efficient. Thank you Tulsa Rig Iron, it is taking our projects to the next level of efficiency.

Virgil Mobley
President & Owner- Utili-Link, Inc.