Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Pumps

Tulsa Rig Iron is the premier manufacturer of hydrostatic test pump packages. Ensure your pump’s peak performance and experience the Tulsa Rig Iron difference for yourself - call us at 918-321-3330.

Why Tulsa Rig Iron?

Take advantage of our all-in-one combo fill and test hydrostatic test pump package (HPP). Our HPP test includes: a 900 GPM centrifugal fill pump, our exclusive chainbox drive and our TT series triplex pressure pump. Pressurized up to 4775 PSI and powered by a diesel engine, our TT series pump is an industry favorite. The HPP combo design delivers simple transition from the fill to pressure pump. And unlike a PTO drive, our five-speed gearbox allows pressures to be built in a controlled manner. 

What is Hydrostatic Testing? 

Hydrostatic testing is the most proven and trusted method for testing pipelines for integrity, strength and leaks. During the HPP test, the pipe is filled with a liquid, usually water, and pressured to the specified test pressure to find any leaks or changes to the pump’s shape. Sometimes the liquid is also dyed to help detect any leaks. For added confidence and security, the test pressure is always considerably higher than the operating pressure. 

Newly installed sections are initially qualified using the hydrostatic test and are requalified at regular intervals. The HPP test offers many advantages to your operation - it exposes defective materials that may have been missed; ensures operation at design pressures; exposes possible leaks; and gives you confidence in your constructed system. Meet safety standards and ensure your pipeline’s durability over time with hydrostatic test pump packages from Tulsa Rig Iron.

To learn more about hydrostatic test pump packages or to order your own, call us at 918-321-3330.